Forrest and Arianna Leavitt

Monday, August 13, 2012

my birthday festivities and a few other things...

Hello again! Well I have got quite a bit to update on but I am going to do them in a few posts to break them up a start out I have some cute pictures from Forrest's cousin Mareen's wedding. It was so fun to go and see the whole family there to support Mareen and Lance. The ceremony was great and the reception was way fun and decorated really cute! Lindsey kay was so cute that night and she came and sat at our table and we had a great time.

 Dancing the night away...poor Hunter wanted to be a part of everything and so everyone took turns dancing with him and he had a great time.

Lindsey loved the cake at the reception (well who am i kidding, we all loved it) but she ate like four pieces and it was so funny to see her try to be sneaky about it :)
 Everyone loved the dancing but Lindsey loved especially loved it. She was so cute out there!

The next day we had a great day because guess who moved back?!?!? THE VERENSKIS! YAY! We are so happy to have them back here in AZ with us. We missed them so much and it just feels complete now with everyone back together again! Here are some pictures of when they rolled into town...
 Of course when Joleen tells the kids not to go in the water what does Duke do??? haha

 Grandma and Nica Jo...
My birthday was on the 24th of July and it was great as usual...We went to The Cheesecake Factory on the 23rd with my family and some friends and it was so yummy and so fun to celebrate!

 This little girl was the life of the party, she is so dang cute! I love my little Tatum :)
 Everyone at dinner...
The next day I went out to the ranch and celebrated the whole day with the Leavitt clan and we had a blast. The kids and I and Calli made robots out of boxes and it was really fun to play with the kids and make a project with them. They were so into it and got so excited about their ideas that they had and I really had fun helping them...

That night we went to my friend Caitlin's birthday dinner, she and I were born on the same day so we have had to share our birthdays our whole lives but we always have fun because you get to celebrate your birthday twice!
Well that's it for this post...up next..COLORADO! Be prepared for a looooong post! :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

A VERY fun summer 2012 so far...

Well as usual I am REALLY behind on my blog...We have had a really fun summer so far...I am going to go all the way back to May and go in order...
Andi got an award at school...miss smarty pants :)
I had the AWESOME opportunity to fly to Illinois on May 18th (Sterling's bday) and help to bring back the Verenski's to stay for a month and a half. It was a pretty good trip, the kids did well, Nica and Duke had a little hard time at the beginning but then we watched Jake and the neverland pirates and Duke was GREAT! It was so fun to be in on the surprise for Sterling, he was shocked!
This is the Verenski's right after they got to the office...

Heather graduated High School...We all got to go cheer her on!

We had Father's Day at The Point...had a blast as usual! My dad with his personalized tie and mug that we got him
Here are some dang cute pictures that I took of the kids playing one day at the ranch, Butch, Rocky, and Hunter took the play pool out of the pin that it was locked in and filled it up with water and started swimming in it, it was so funny to watch them throughout the whole process...

These little boys are dang cute!

We went to the Dbacks game with My dad, Sharon and the kids for the fourth of july...It was really fun! We all got free shirts since we were there early...WOOOHOOO for free shirts!

And here are pictures from Butch's sixth birthday, it was a fun party.  We are going to miss the Verenskis but we have had A BLAST playing with them and we love our family!

 This was hilarious, Heather was not even putting weight on him and he was FREAKING out!

 Poor Hunter, I feel so bad for him...He was a good sport though and wanted to come to the party

Nica Jo can get up on her knees and scoot across the floor, she is getting so big! I just love this little girl and I LOVE TO KISS HER! :)